All OnePlus 5 Models Go Out Of Stock, Is The OnePlus 6 Coming Soon?

Among the new top choices for 2017 is now the OnePlus 5 in its unlocked version that can be obtained with the $ 480 prize and has all the packet of a modern flagship with incredibly good display performance, just as good a camera , stable and fairly good battery life and more. The only negative thing is that those who want to buy it in the US can not while there are other markets where the device is either not available or there is a limited inventory. Does this mean that the new OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 5T is coming soon?

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Last year, OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 3 flagship in mid-June 2016, followed by OnePlus 3T just five months later, somewhere in mid-November 2016. This year, the company unveiled OnePlus 5 in mid-June, as we are now is already in October, so maybe the Chinese company may have prepared something new.

So to understand how it looks like the next OnePlus phone, just take a look at the new Oppo F5 or the Vivo X20, it will probably bring similarities with these two models.