Google Camera v5.3 Brings Support For RAW

Android P Developer Preview 4 is already available and is accompanied by smaller app updates and Google Camera is one of them. One of the many new features will be the long-awaited RAW support, corrections to wide-angle lens deformations, multi-channel audio and more.

The addition of RAW support was detected almost two years ago in the Google Camera v3.2 teardown application version. For some reason, however, the feature never appeared in the final version. However, we come back to this again and this time things are a bit more specific. There is a text explaining how you store RAW as a DNG file and makes suggestions for using a suitable photo processor that understands the format and that raw download will consume more storage space.

Google Camera is said to also bring “correction to wide-angle distortion”. This function in the application is very specific in determining the deformations in the faces. However, it is not yet clear whether these repairs are achieved with some magic algorithm or pixel-stretching technique.

Google also appears to add a new “auto” setting to the video frame selector. However, there are two lines with the names that make it clear that this is an automatic setting, but again it contains the “placeholder” text, so this feature may not have been set yet. An automatic moving plan may allow the phone to select a speed that has the best exposure possible, especially in dark or light settings.

Finally, the application will bring the new feature to support multichannel audio, IMAX_AUDIO and MICROPHONE, since most phones come with a secondary microphone for noise cancellation while in handsfree mode. So now it can be used in video specifically for the sound coming directly from the camera.