Google Pixel 2 Camera Samples – Pixel 2 camera review

Just after the introduction of the new Google Pixel smartphones,Google Pixel 2 Camera Samples has arrived , the first photographic samples of the devices could not be missed. After last year’s camera hits for the first Pixels, we could not expect anything less to replace them. Let’s Check out Pixel 2 camera review.

Google Pixel 2 Camera Samples

Through several shots, we can see what they really can do in this piece, although safe conclusions can only be made in hands-on use.

Google Pixel 2 Camera Samples

However, Google reports that DxOMark has given the highest ever rating to these devices, so it is not excluded that the company has prepared something really great.

Google worked hard on the camera of both the devices this year, which we could see from the video or pictures they demoed on the stage at the announcement. But as an Android and Photography enthusiastic fan, I wanted to see more pictures and videos and so does you.

So here are some pictures which was clicked by some Googler’s and they want you to see photos up close and appreciate the camera quality. All of these pictures are unedited Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL photos and videos. There are also two videos edited to show side-by-side comparisons of video stabilization.