How To Fix Battery Drain Issue On Oppo A37

How to fix battery drain issue on Oppo A37. Battery draining is one of the common problem faced by a smartphone user. A normal user needs 6-7 hours of battery backup on a daily basis. Nowadays smartphone has become one of our need like the other important things, a person can live without watching TV or reading books but can’t resist using a mobile phone that’s why a longer battery life has become the main concern. A battery can be drained due to hundreds of reasons that’s why we are here to solve them. Follow this guide to fix battery drain issue on Oppo A37.

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Your routine of using a smartphone decides your battery life as if you are a working man and use your smartphone to make calls, check emails, send messages etc then your battery will be stable but if you are using your smartphone to play heavy games for hours then you are more prone to lose your battery percentage frequently. Your battery life totally depends on your usage even if you want, you can solve this problem on your own as every user know that how they use their smartphone, But if you are facing this problem for a while then don’t worry we are here to help you out. We will tell you some tested apps and methods which can help to provide you a longer battery life.

How to Fix Battery Drain Issue on Oppo A37

We have listed some methods below from which you can increase your battery life follow them and your problem will be solved.

Fix Battery Drain Issue On Oppo A37

1.) Check for battery draining apps

Sometimes apps are the major cause of battery drainage. Go to settings>>battery and see which app is consuming the battery for a longer time. If in case you don’t recognize them then just uninstall them, sometimes an infected app is installed on your device and consume the battery unnecessarily.

2.) Battery Saver

Battery Saver is pre-installed on every device in order to use it open settings>>Battery and you will see an option to turn on the Battery Saver. A Battery Saver saves the battery and increases the battery life so that you can use the device for a longer time, it might switch off the animations and manual brightness so you may feel a bit different in using your smartphone.

3.) Display Settings

If you adjust your display settings then you can increase your battery life effectively, like you can decrease the brightness of your screen which can cause a major difference as most of the battery in a smartphone is consumed by its display

4.) Clear Cache

Cache is a fast memory which saves your app data for further use so that if you close the app and reopen it then it will not take time and process fast but you can delete cache memory. Cache memory sometimes consumes battery so it can be a cause of battery draining in Oppo A37. In order to clear the cache memory go to settings>>Storage>>tap on cache memory and tap ok to clear it off.

5.) Replace your Battery

This is the last thing to do if battery draining won’t stop. Find a nearby authorized service center and visit there to replace your device’s battery, it will solve your problem but also costs some pennies.

That’s all on how you can fix battery drain issue on Oppo A37 . Keep visiting us to know more interesting things about your device. If you have any queries you can comment them down.