How to Improve Sound Quality on Android

Most smartphone speakers offer rather poor sound quality and low volume. However, there are several ways to increase both the quality and the sound power of a smartphone. Whether you’re using an app or changing smartphone settings, check out all the tips to improve the sound quality of an Android smartphone.

Identify the location of the speakers

It may sound a bit stupid, but the first thing to do is to identify the location of the speakers . Indeed each manufacturer puts the speakers a little where he wants, sometimes on the front, sometimes on the back of the device and sometimes on the edge.The goal here is to know where to place your hands when you hold your smartphone so as not to obstruct the output of the sound . For example on the S7 Edge, it can happen to block the loudspeaker with my hand because it is located on the bottom edge.

Check that there is no dust in your smartphone’s speakers

The importance of using a protective case for smartphones can not be over-emphasized. However, some of these protections can block the sound coming from the smartphone. It is therefore best to choose a shell specifically designed for your phone model, with a sufficiently wide opening for the smartphone speakers.

Also be careful to regularly clean the smartphone’s speaker grilles. To do this, you can use compressed air to dust particles out of the grid. It is also possible to stick tape on the grids, and then remove it to remove as much dust. A third alternative is to use a brush to clean the grid.

If you are using headphones or headphones, be sure to clean the Jack jack, which should soon disappear from the smartphone market . Simply insert a dry cotton swab into the jack and remove it to clean the dust.


Check the volume and audio settings of the smartphone

How to Improve Sound Quality on Android

A simple pass in the settings of a smartphone can improve its audio quality. Once in the Settings application, go to the Sounds & Vibration section. You will find  a Volume tab , which allows you to adjust the volume of your smartphone using different sliders.

For example, you can increase the volume of the ringtone, notification or system. To increase the volume of your music applications and other multimedia content, move the media slider to the right. This menu is also accessible by pressing one of the smartphone’s volume buttons and then pressing the small arrow at the top right.

From Settings> Sounds and Vibration, you can also open the Quality and Sound Effects tab . This tab opens the Android equalizer, allowing you to manually adjust the sound quality of the smartphone. You can amplify the bass, treble, instruments or vocal to your preference. It is also possible to choose preset configurations for the different music styles pop, classical, jazz, rock.

Use best music applications

There are many music apps on the Google Play Store to play music files. However, not all are worth in terms of sound quality. Among the best, we recommend BlackPlayer, jetAudio HQ and MediaMonkey.

How to Improve Sound Quality on Android

Also, some equalizer applications offer more advanced settings than the native Android EQ. However, each application is only optimized for certain smartphone models. Among the best sound equalization applications are 10 Band Equalizer, Equalizer FX and Music Bass Booster

Choosing the Best Headphones

How to Improve Sound Quality on Android

Buying a good headphone is an investment, but it is also the easiest way to increase the sound quality of your smartphone. There are many models of headphones or headphones on the market, and not all are equal. Choose a headset with noise reduction functionality.