How To Install crDroid OS Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Android 8.1 Oreo)

We are back with something amazing in our hand for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users can now upgrade to Android Oreo via crDroid OS custom ROM. You can now install crDroid OS Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to install android Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . In future, who knows that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will get an android Oreo update officially but till now there are no such official statements about the device so Custom ROMs are the only way to get Android Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . If you want to install crDroid Os Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 then you must follow this guide carefully.

crDroid is a well known name in custom ROMs, crDroid OS Oreo is a stable custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . Installing crDroid OS Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is safe and easy. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an amazing device in it’s price range so, crDroid will work better on this device. crDroid OS Oreo is made with perfection for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it has been tested quite well on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , You can trust crDroid to work smoothly on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 .There are no major bugs reported till yet in this ROM because this custom ROM is stable with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . Install crDroid OS Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by following  our guide.

  • nd options
  • Better Icons pack
  • Background Limits

Things to know Before

  •  Install the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USB Driver for Windows and MAC
  • Charge your phone to 60-70% before following this guide
  • Take a complete backup (Important)
  • Follow each and every step carefully as missing any step could brick your device and you won’t be able to get it back.
  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 3 bootloader first and then install TWRP before proceeding.


How to install crDroid OS Oreo on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • You must read the things to know before section first before install crDroid on Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • First of all download the custom ROM and save it on your SD card (not in internal storage)
  • Now boot Samsung Galaxy Note 3 into TWRP mode by pressing the power button with volume + button.
  • Once you are booted into TWRP recovery select wipe and then perform a factory reset by swiping the blue slider
  •  Now go back to the TWRP menu and select install
  • Then search for the custom ROM which you have downloaded.
  • Select the file and install it.
  • Wait for sometime until the custom ROM is installed correctly
  • Done!! Reboot after the successful installation of crDroid on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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