How to install Substratum themes on Android Oreo without root

The Android 8.0 Oreo now supports changing themes, as incorporated in the code, the OMS theme engine of Sony. This means that we can change colors, icons and a whole lot of other things in preinstalled applications and menus without having to root on our device. So far, only Substratum can do this and we’ll see how we use it to change the look of our device.

There may not be a formal change application by Google, but the Substratum is so successful that many issues are already being released for this in the Play Store. The craze of the particular application and its difference with the others is that it enables us to install many themes at the same time. So we can use another theme for the Android menu, a second for Gmail and a third for Facebook for example. It gives us total freedom of customization to do what we really want. What do we need? To install topics with the Substratum we will need:

How to install Substratum themes on Android Oreo without root

Android 8.0 Oreo device with debugging enabled ,

Substratum application from the Play Store ,

Andromeda app from the Play Store and finally

desktop version of Andromeda for our computer.



We start by installing Andromeda and connecting our computer to Android.

  • We connect our device to the computer via USB.
  • We open the Andromeda app on the mobile, which will show us a window that says “Connection Status: Disconected” .
  • We run on our computer the program that corresponds to our operating system (Windows is “.bat”).
  • A terminal will open by running some commands and in the end if everything is done, our substratum will automatically open on our mobile.
  • If we want to confirm that everything went well, we can reopen Andromeda on our mobile, where this time it will write “Connection Status: Connected”
  • Now we can disconnect our cell phone from the computer.


This is the initial set-up, which we must do whenever we want to change the theme on our mobile.


To move on to installing themes, we first have to find and download what we like from the Play Store. So we can look up with the term “Substratum,” but the topics that mention the terms “legacy” and “RRO” will not work on our device.

  • Having downloaded our theme from the Play Store, we open the Substratum on our mobile.
  • We select the theme from the list and then turn on the “Select to toggle all overlays” to apply to all applications. Alternatively, we can choose one by one the applications we want to change with the specific issue. In many applications, we can also make individual choices, such as choosing the primary or secondary color to make as we like it.
  • Finally, select the “roll” icon at the bottom right and choose “Build & Enable” in the menu that shows us .
  • The Substratum will apply our choices and after a while we will be ready to disconnect our phone from the computer.