How to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S

How to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S: The Chinese Smartphone Tech Giant Xiaomi is popularly known for its budget smartphones whether it be the flagship killer Poco F1 or the newly launched Redmi Note 9 Series. The Redmi Note 9 Series Consists of 4 Phones the Note 9, Note 9S, Note 9S, and Note 9S Max. Most of us out there are a fan of Xiaomi Phone Cause They Provide what we all Want, Great Specs at Low Price but Not All of us are fans of the MIUI. It has Ads, It Feels Laggy and some of us just want a simple UI. I can sit here and rant the MIUI all day but it’s not all bad. Xiaomi is one of those companies which allow the user to customize their phone according to their needs.

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Rooting is the method used to get access to Android Subsystems. It makes your phone a lot more customizable. While People find Rooting Android Device a Hard Process it actually depends on the Phone Manufacturer. Xiaomi Phones are known for their ease of Unlocking Bootloader without voiding the Warranty. A bootloader is responsible for activating the right OS When the phone is Switched On. It also prevents the user from installing any unauthorized software on your Device.

Manufacturers keep the bootloader locked to stop the user from installing Custom OS/ ROMs. The process of unlocking the bootloader can be really Frustrating at Time and there is no assurance that the Process will be a success and the credit goes to the manufacturer. But not all manufacturers Resist you from unlocking the bootloader, one such manufacturer is Xiaomi and even after unlocking the bootloader, you can still avail the warranty. Unlocking bootloader helps you install custom recoveries, custom ROMs, have Root access, and more. We Bring You a Detailed Guide on How to Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S But Before Proceeding Keep in Mind:


  • Unlocking the Bootloader will Factory Reset Your Phone.
  • Keep a Backup of all the Data on Your Phone.
  • You’ll Need a PC Running Windows.
  • Do It At You Own Risk.

How to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S

So, Before Starting the Process of Unlocking The Bootloader You have to get your Phone Ready. Here are the Steps to Prepare Your Device:

  1. Go to Setting.
  2. Tap on Mi Accounts.
  3. Make You Have an Account Already Added, If not Sign Up for Mi Account Cause its Mandatory to Have Your Mi Account Signed in Before Proceeding.
  4. Now that You have signed in to your Mi Account, In the Services Section, You’ll Find Xiaomi Cloud, Click on It.
  5. Now that You are in Xiaomi Cloud Settings You’ll See an Option Called Find My Device and Make Sure It is On. In Case It Off, Click on the option “Turn on Find device”. (NOTE: If You are unable to Turn on Find Device then Try Signing out your account and Then Signing in Again.)
  6. After Find My Device is On Search for Quick Sync in Xiaomi Cloud Settings and Make Sure It’s On.

Now You are One Step Closer To Unlock The Bootloader But Before Rushing The Process You Still Need To Get The Developer Option On Your Phone. You Can Follow The Steps Below To Turn On Developer Option And Enable OEM Unlocking Option.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on About Phone.
  3. Start Taping On MIUI Version Until You See a Message Saying “No Need, You are Already a Developer”.
  4. Now to Back To Settings And Search For Additional Settings.
  5. In Additional Settings, You’ll Find An Developer Option Tap On It.
  6. Now Look For OEM Unlocking Option and Turn in On.

Now There is Just One More Step Left Before You Can Start Unlocking The Bootloader.

  1. Go to Settings>Additional Settings>Developer Option.
  2. Now Look For Mi Unlock Status and Tap on It.
  3. It’ll Ask You For Some Permission, Click On Agree.
  4. Now You’ll Be on a Page Risks Of Unlocking Your Device.
  5. At The Bottom, You’ll Find an Option Saying “Add account and device” Before Tapping On the Option Make Sure You are On Mobile Data Wifi Doesn’t Work in The Process of Adding Account.
  6. Now Click On Add account and device.
  7. It Will Take a While to Successfully Add Your Device. (NOTE:if you face any problem while adding your account and device try logging out and signing in again.)
  8. You’ll See a Warning Just Simply Click On Got It.

Now Your Phone Is All Setup. Now Switch to Your PC and Follow The Steps:

  1. Download the Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool.
  2. Extract the Downloaded Zip File.
  3. Now Go to the Extracted Folder.
  4. Double Click On Miflash_Unlock.exe.
  5. Now You’ll See a Disclaimer, Click On Agree.
  6. Now You’ll See a Login Option.
  7. Use the Same Login ID You Used On Your Device. You’ll See Errors If You Log In With Different Account.
  8. Now It Will Say On The Screen That You Phone Is Not Connected.
  9. Now Switch Off You Phone and Turn On into Fastboot Mode. (To Get Into Fastboot Mode All You’ve To Do is Switch Off Your Device Completely, Now Press The Power Button And Volume Down Button Simultaneously And You’ll See Fastboot Written On The Screen)
  10. Now Connect Your Device Using The Original Mi Cable To Your PC.
  11. Now You’ll See The Computer Screen Says Phone Connected. (NOTE: If it still says device not connected click on the setting option in the Mi Flash Unlock and click on Check For Device Driver Which Will Install Your Phone Drivers Automatically On the Computer)
  12. Now Click On Unlock. You’ll see a warning saying all data on your phone will be erased click on Unlock anyway.
  13. If The App Say Unlock Successful You are Good to Go But if for some reason the tool couldn’t complete the process this means Xiaomi hasn’t Provide Unlocking Permission to Your Device. Wait For a Few Days And Repeat The Process.

And Finally, You are done you’ve successfully unlocked the Bootloader On You Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. Now You Can Easily Install Custom Recoveries and Custom ROMs Without Any Issue.

That’s all on about How to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. Take a look at our blog daily for some amazing content about your smartphone.

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