How To Use YouTube’s Incognito Mode

Anonymous browsing is a feature that has been in our device browser for several years now. It allows us to enter the pages we want without saving anything in our history and is very helpful for times when we want to borrow our device to a friend or to temporarily login to another account. The same thing has come to YouTube, where we can do exactly the same thing.

What is the reason for its existence? As long as we use the YouTube app, the service creates a list of recommended content for us that helps us find other videos on the same subject as we may be interested in. But if you are a parent and two, three times “Zouzounia” or “Pepa the piggy”, your suggestions will go any way. There is, of course, the occasion to feel the curiosity one day to find out what this “flat earth theory” is. Once you click on such a video, your suggestions will be filled with all sorts of conspiracy theory that you will hardly get rid of. That’s why you use anonymous browsing.

How do we activate it? We open the YouTube app and choose our profile picture at the top right. Then choose “Turn on incognito browsing” and we’re ready. On the home page we will now see random content that has nothing to do with our own history, while the Subscriptions, Inbox, and Library tabs are virtually disabled and show us nothing.

To restore YouTube to normal mode, we follow exactly the same path. So we select the profile image and then click “Disable Incognito”. The app will log in to the account it was linked to prior to anonymous browsing.