How to root Samsung Galaxy J3 without PC

Today I will present answer how to root Samsung Galaxy J3 without PC. By this method you can easily root Samsung Galaxy J3 without Computer. By following the rooting tutorial given here, you will be able to root Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime smartphone without using a computer. Once the device is rooted, you can be able to install custom recoveries, remove unwanted pre-installed applications, install custom-built Android apps, etc. Yes, We’re not gonna turn on the computer!



Supported Android Version

KingoRoot Android 1.5 – 5.0
KingRoot Android 2.0 – 5.0.
iRoot Android 2.3 – 5.0

What is the Root?

Already, imagine you open a program on Windows, Yosemite or even Linux and there you are told “Droid-application asks the administration rights” and there you accept or you refuse!

Well the root on Android is the same. You can accept that an application accesses the deepest of your phone that is why applications of management, utilities or even programming require Root.

NOTE : “Be careful though! there are some malicious apps that might ask you for rights and if they are not at all reliable it could be a virus and so these applications will have all the control on your device.”


Precautions before rooting your Samsung Galaxy J3

  1. First, back up your Android. If you fail to root your Android and you need to recover your lost data, backups of the phone are important.
  2. · The battery level of the device is at least 50%.
  3. Stable Internet connection is required (a Wi-Fi network suggested)
  4. Allow application installation from unknown sources: On your phone, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources . Select unknown sources.

Enable unknown source app in Samsung Galaxy J3


How to root Samsung Galaxy J3 without PC using KingoRoot

Step 1. Download KingRoot.apk to your Android phone, it’s a free application. If there is a message alerting you about KingoRoot, click “OK” to continue.

Besides, if you see this tutorial on the computer:

  • Visit on your phone to download the KingoRoot app for Android.
  • After downloading the application, transfer KingoRoot to your Android phone, and then install the application on your phone.

Step 2. After installation, open KingoRoot. The application recognized the device model and the version of Android on your phone. Click “One Click Root” , the application will start rooting your device.

Step 3. The root process will appear on the screen. If your device is successfully rooted, you will see the “Root Succeed” page . You can try various methods to root your phone.

How to root Samsung Galaxy J3 without PC using KingoRoot


How to root Samsung Galaxy J3 without PC using KingoRoot

Step 1. Open your phone browser and enter . Download KingRoot and install the application on your phone. And then, run KingRoot on your smartphone, you’ll see this app estimates the success rate and time to root your phone.

Step 2. Click “Start Root” to start the root process. When you see the “Root Sucessfully” page , your phone has been rooted. After that, with KingRoot, you can delete applications, purify the system and so on.

How to root Samsung J1 Galaxy without PC using KingoRoot


How to root Samsung Galaxy J3 without PC using iRoot

Step 1. On your Android phone, go to and download iRoot for Android. Then, open the iRoot application and install it.

Step 2. Click the iRoot icon on your phone. There will be a situation:  “No Root Permission” for the phone never root. Tap “Get Root Access” to root your Android. Finally, you will have to wait for the mission accomplished.

How to root Samsung Galaxy J3 without PC using iRoot


Note: Verizon and AT & T have locked Bootloader on Android, which increases the difficulty of rooted Android phone manufactured by Verizon or AT & T without the computer. To ensure a higher success rate, it is better to root your phone from Verizon or AT & T with root software downloaded to PC.

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